About Us

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Hi there!  I am Erika.  Welcome you to The Corner Haven!

Just to give you a little background about myself:  I am a native Texan who, after many years of travel, had the happy fortune to land in sunny, Southern California.  I've taken a path a little less traveled, but it has been well worth the trip.  After graduating from Texas Tech University, I became a Marine officer.  After my tenure there, I attended Georgetown University and completed a bachelor's degree in nursing.  After many years of travel, I was finally able to plant some roots!  I opened The Corner Haven, where we are dedicated to all things interior decorating.   

Throughout my life travels, there has remained one constant:  my obsession with nesting and making a home that brings me joy.  I have lived all over this great nation.  And with all my moves, I always felt most comfortable when I was at home, wherever that was.  So in each house I lived in, whether I was there for a short time or long term, I strived to make it my safe haven.  A place where I could retreat and regroup.  A home that felt cozy, comfortable, and reflected things that made me feel grounded.  A home that I could relax in.

My inspirations usually start with fabrics.  It is so vast and versatile in the world of fabrics!  There are never enough samples.  In fact, I became so obsessed with fabrics, that I bought a sewing machine and educated myself on how to make my own custom drapery and pillow covers so that I could change them out any time I wanted!  It is amazing to watch a space change when you add custom drapery.   

So that is what brought me here!  I opened my own venue for sharing my love of interior decorating, accessories and custom drapery.  It is my hope that what I offer here inspires you in creating the home you have always dreamed of.

Thank you for being here!  I look forward to working with you.  

Best Wishes, 

Erika, Owner of The Corner Haven