Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021: Home Decor Edition

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Have you even started thinking about Mother’s Day? 

Well…it’s less than 2 weeks away!  Easter feels like it was so long ago!  And yet Mother’s Day is already upon us. 

I’m calling this the Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021:  Home Décor Edition, Top 10.  We have so many great home gift options.  Give one to your mom, grandmother, sister, friend, or snag one for yourself!


  1. Candle Gift Sets – Candles are probably, universally, the easiest gift to give someone.  They are easily customizable in terms of the scent your loved one prefers.  And they are gifts that last and can be enjoyed daily.  Our Candle Gift Set consists of one of our Rewined candles (your choice of candle from the shop), a glass cloche, and wooden coaster.  It has, hands down, been our best selling gift!


  1. Frames – Mom always appreciates a beautiful frame of her loved ones. Good quality pictures are so easily printed.  All you have to do is find a fun frame.  And we have so many great options!  With such great texture. 



  1. Planters – Does mom have a green thumb? Plants have always been popular home accents…maybe more so since the pandemic started and everyone was stuck at home!  But they are here to stay and with good reason.  There are so many health benefits to having green plants in your home:  they can help reduce stress levels, improve your mental health, increase your productivity.  We have several planters to choose from!  All of them are simple and gorgeous.


  1. Throws –Throws make absolutely fabulous gifts! They are so versatile – they can be used in bedrooms or living rooms.  Or they can be packed up and taken out for a picnic.  Ours are made in the USA, from a women owned business and made with recycled fibers.  And did we mention they are machine washable and tumble dry on low?  That’s what I call easy luxury….  And mom deserves some low maintenance luxury.


  1. Vases – So many options – both colorful and neutral. Easily added to any space.


  1. Lanterns – I feel the same about lanterns as I do about throws. And I bet mom does too.  There is just something about them that elevates a space.  Makes the space feel luxurious and cozy with little flickers of light.



  1. Candle holders – Whether it be votives or candle sticks, candle holders make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for mom.



  1. Woven décor – These woven baskets and bowls have become so popular lately. Mom can use them on a coffee table or hang them on the wall.  They are sourced from a woman owned company who is focused on providing ethically made goods and bringing fair incomes to women in African countries.  We love this!



  1. Cocktail Infusion Kits – It’s been a tough year. Especially for mom.  Maybe mama just needs a cocktail.  We have some really cool infusion kits with fun flavors that mom can play around with.  Make cocktails fun!


  1. Bath Gift Set – Maybe mom just wants to relax in a bath. And we have just the ticket.  We have the best selection of bath gift sets.  These items are made in the USA from a copy in Charleston, SC.  9 different scents to choose from!  Each bath set includes a body lotion, soap, and bath bomb.  Mama might need to relax. 





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