A Tale of Too blue

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A Tale of Too Blue

Like I always say:  fabrics are my inspiration.  My “jumping off point,” as the designer Sarah Richardson would say.  There are just soooo many possibilities.  So many combinations.  Just sooo MANY! And for my master bedroom, I knew I wanted to go with blue.  It is by far my favorite color.  And though I am branching out….the color blue will always be my first love.  It can be bold and bright.  It can be dark and moody.  Or it can be soft and soothing.   Ahhhh…quite possibly the perfect color. 

And so here we are.  I set out on my quest to find the perfect blue fabric.  I have a small window and also a really large double door to cover with this fabric.  So whatever fabric I choose….there will be a lot of it.  Here is a before picture of the small window in the master bedroom.  I have since changed the blinds and carpet.  So this is a true before photo.  (Nothing in this home had been touched or changed in 30 years).

Before picture of the master bedroom, small window


I have often joked that it is best to not have an exact idea of what you want….because you won’t find it.  LOL.  It’s like looking for the perfect outfit.  A complete impossibility.  So I looked through a million fabrics.  Samples that I had saved and I picked one.  It’s a beautiful floral print by Trend Fabrics and Vern Yip:

Vern Yip blue floral fabric  Blue floral home decor mood board


*Side note:  this particular floral from Vern Yip comes in multiple colors.  In fact, I used the yellow version in my living room.  See below.

Vern Yip yellow floral fabric drapes

But back to the master bedroom.  So I picked the blue floral fabric (as seen above).  Now for the paint color….  I picked 6 to choose from.  My goal was to pick the dark blue color that best complimented the darkest blue to the flower of the fabric.  I compared the following blues:  Sherwin Williams Naval, Sherwin Williams Anchors Aweigh, Sherwin Williams Commodore, Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, Benjamin Newbury Port, and Benjamin Moore Van Deusen.  It’s really tough to tell from the picture, but here we go.

blue paint colors Sherwin Williams Benjamin Moore Home Depot 

1- Sherwin Williams Naval

2 - Sherwin Williams Anchor Aweigh

3 - Sherwin Williams Commodore

4 - Benjamin Moore Hale Navy

5 - Benjamin Moore Newbury Port

6 - Benjamin Moore Van Deusen

Suffice it to say, I thought the Sherwin Williams Naval best complimented the dark blue in the flowers for the fabric.  Here is side by side of the fabric and the paint color.  

Vern Yip blue floral fabric     Sherwin Williams Naval


Another tip:  Make your paint color the last thing you choose.  Whether your “jumping off point” is fabric or furniture or artwork or bedding….make your paint color the last element you choose.  There are quite literally a MILLION paint colors to choose from.  I promise you will find one that compliments your main inspiration.  Trust.

The name of this blog post is A Tale of Too Blue.  I’m second guessing myself a little bit.  I saw this fabric.  Loved it.  So I went ahead and bought enough yardage to make drapery panels for a small window.  I wasn’t prepared for how much bright blue was in it.  And then add in a navy blue wall……………………………

Hmmmmmmm…..  I’m not so sure now.  

So, I made a decision.  The Sherwin Williams samples are quite large.  So I’m going to paint around the window and a little into the wall.  I will proceed forward and make the drapes as planned for that small window.  And we’ll see what I think after that.  *See below – my poor little Instagram mockup.  LOL.  But you get the drift.  I'll only paint the wall past the window a couple of feet.  And then we will see how I feel about it!

Blue sketch wall


Yet ANOTHER tip/lesson:  Just ordering the little samples of fabric from a website absolutely will NOT give you a *real* idea of how a fabric will look in your space.  If you can, order a full yard.  If it’s affordable enough, order 2 yards.  Then pin it on your wall and live with it.  Look at it in the morning, afternoon and night.  That will give you the *best* idea before committing.  

Alright!!  So stay tuned.  Even if I end up not loving it, I’m glad I’m moving forward.  And I’m excited to see how it turns out!  

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